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Tablets for someone else’s pain

For the last few days Spanish chemists have been selling some very special tablets. So special that instead of curing the person taking them, they cure millions of people abroad, forgotten, who cannot take the medicine they need.

They are called “Tablets for someone else’s pain“.

This will sound like Chinese but it’s very simple: Doctors Without Borders are selling these tablets so that with the proceeds they can treat millions of people suffering from forgotten illnesses such as sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, infant AIDS, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, or malaria.

They are diseases which do not affect us but in the third world cause havoc because pharmaceutical companies sell the medication at “western prices” making it impossible for the poor to receive treatment.

At the El Antiguo Convento we want to join this campaign. So we have placed the pills where you can reach them: On your night stand in your room.

Lo peor es el silencio. The worst kind of feedback: the silence

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